Hope can be a powerful force. May be there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.” – Laini Taylor

We all face hardships in life. Life maybe hard at early stages. We should stay strong and learn how to triumph over these challenges. Below is a true life story of EDWIN OBEKO who went through a lot but now wears an ear to ear smile.


I was born in Busia County, Budalang’i Constituency, Siginga Village in early 1995. I was raised by my grandparents after my parents divorced. It was hell. We were quite a number in a small homestead. We couldn’t afford to take all the meals. People say I don’t take much food. Should I be blamed? I wish they understand fate me get used to one meal a day. At times, we had no option but to roam all over the village looking for sugarcane plantations, wild fruits, mangoes, bananas or any things for lunch. Man must survive.

Edwin Obeko: CEO Bekos Lifestyle Group

Life at the village wasn’t easy. We were in a village where life was very hard. Children growing up over there, especially girls, are deprived of their basic rights. I faced many challenges but my mother supported my studies and worked hard to give me an education. I used to sleep on mats, with a single old blanket that we used to share with my cousins.

My mother ensured her children had the best. We are two. My sibling is currently at Nangina Girls High School – Busia. We were the only thing she had back then. She didn’t have a good job neither. She used to do odd jobs like washing clothes for people to find some cash to pay our school fees, buy uniforms and take care of us. She made us love school.

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

I went to Lunyofu Primary School. I used to leave at 6am in the morning to reach my school on time. Furthermore, the quality of education there was very bad as we didn’t have enough qualified teachers. One of the hardest challenges I encountered was poverty, as my father never supported me or helped my mother with school expenses. He had three wives and loved fun. Fun made his sun set much earlier. May he find eternal peace. These feelings of loneliness and the sufferings of my mother made me stronger. I developed an eagerness to study and wanted to be successful in my life.

I always remembered my mother’s tears and how she suffered, so I could build a bright future. This empowered me to achieve the highest grades I could manage since I was at primary school until I finished my secondary school.

I joined St. Benedict’s Budalang’i High School for my O Level Education. I was later enrolled to The Technical University of Kenya in 2015 to pursue Mechanical Engineering. But due to monetary issues, I had to drop my career, plunge myself into something else and start making cash. So from early March 2016, I started working in a restaurant. A year later, I hanged my boots and sought greener pastures. That’s how I got myself into entrepreneurship and my life took a turn.

I registered my own company; BEKOS LIFESTYLE GROUP. I was once in an MLM Company, so after seeing how things work, I decided to try out my new company. Alibaba Foundation played a major role in inspiring me. I took my time to study its mode of business. Jack Ma became my all time role model.

Bekos Lifestyle Group offers health and wellness for now. Better things are coming though. I’m working on an Application that I’ll integrate with my company. It will help me to offer all types of products and services that I make

How do you find business life?

It’s the best. However, building it takes inner passion and compassion.

How do you advertise your business?

I’m an IT Consultant, I have a Google Certificate in Digital Marketing. So I know how best to market my business. I do adds on my Facebook Page, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Have you employed people?

Yes. I have seven employees so far. Five are men and two women.

What’s your mission?

To empower many youths in the world. There’s a lot of energy in youths.

Edwin Obeko talking to youths

Do you face any challenges?

Some problems include;
 Less circulation of cash in the market
 Product demand verses your expectations
Damage on products

Your advise to youths?

Don’t waste your foundation period, no house looks beautiful during foundation stage. Change, you need to determine the direction of change.
Keep on learning something new everyday and don’t ever leave to chance any opportunity or idea, grasp it and use it.

Don’t let your current situation intimidate you for whom you will be in future, things do change but you determine the direction. Change manifests itself.” – Edwin Obuko

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I toil and moil
Hustling and bustling
Running up and about
Trying to find a way out
They say I work too much
They say I won’t achieve much
Just because my past hasn’t been good to me
But I know my past don’t define my future
I know where I was is not where I’ll be.

They ask what the point of education is
They ask what the point of talent is
They say education is the key
To them it’s a key to a life of struggle if you lack connections
They say hard work don’t pay
That I have to flaunt myself in front of men to earn cash
That I have to sweet talk sugar mummies to get jobs in their companies
But I believe my hard work will pay
Who are they to know?

They try to push me down
Simply because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth
Simply because life to me isn’t served on a silver platter
They taunt me because I choose the old fashioned way
They laugh because I choose to not go asking around for favours
Who are they to know
Am just another poor kid trying to find her way to the top.

So don’t put me off because you think I won’t go anywhere
As long as I got me who cares what you think
Don’t tell me that I can’t because you refuse to work hard
That’s your choice I have mine to make
And don’t tell me that how I try is stupid
You and I are not the same
My future is not my past
Let me hope that my past will not be my future.


Words are expressions of feelings that often go unspoken


A personal story of Drug Addiction

I won’t identify myself. I can’t do so for I’ve been shamed, embarrassed, and at times stigmatised.

I was only fourteen when my drug life started. It was my uncle who got me into it. Miraa and Local Brews were what I started with. He always acted like a teenager, more like a friend than an uncle. He was so famous and knew almost all peddlers in Maua, Meru County. (I come from Meru). He died last year after battling Lung Cancer.

I kept it a secret. My parents are so stern. They wanted their children to have a better life. Little did they know the enemy to their children is right there with them. I started acting out like a typical teenage drug addict, stealing and sneaking out at night, but it was all pointless because my parents were so busy all the time and didn’t even notice.

I didn’t pay much attention to my education so I terribly failed in KCPE. My parents were so surprised. They didn’t know the reason as to why. I knew. It was not easy on me. Mind you I was very bright back then. My star was falling.

My parents tried their level best and secured me a slot in Kapsabet High School. Backdoor means. I didn’t Love the struggle they were going to. However, they were too busy to realize what their son had turn into. Poor them.

Fast forward. I finished my Highschool education well. My B+ made my parents sing Praise and Worship songs for three months. They felt so proud. My mom would occasionally place my picture on his WhatsApp Wall, to let the world know her son is smart. I was living in depression. By this time I was doing cigarettes too. I wanted time to fly so that I join University. They say there’s a lot of freedom and fun there.

I didn’t get a chance to join my dream university: JKUAT. I was admitted to Moi University. It didn’t take me long before getting new friends. Friends who match me. Freedom made me explore new thing. I wanted a life full of fun Freedom without discipline is Poison.

My goal in University wasn’t studying…it was getting high. I was falling in a downward spiral towards a point of no return. Over the years, I turned to lots of alcohol and bhang, under a false belief it would allow me to live a happy life. It just made things worse. I had everything, money, a loving family, yet I felt so empty inside. As if I had nothing. I kept saying to myself, I’m going to stop permanently after using this last time. It never happened. There were even moments I had thought of giving up on life.” 

I knew all drug peddlers in Moi University. I was their loyal customer. I didn’t even think of saving. All the money that landed into my wallet found itself into these peddlers. Addiction is a religion I may say.

During my second year of study, I started missing classes. I spent most of my time clubbing and with women. My health was deteriorating. I didn’t seem to be paying attention to it. That’s the time my parents realized something was wrong. I opened up to them. You should have seen the look on their faces. They got me a counselor who’s trying his best to help me.

I regret ever listening to my uncle. May he rest in peace though.

With time I know I’ll be out of this bondage and feel free. I envy those who don’t take drugs. I’m hopeful one day I’ll be like them. I can wear a smile knowing that one day I’ll be ok.



“Any addiction is viewed as a comfort or as a stress reliever by the addict. Its a sign of one giving up and seeking rest from whatever is disturbing them. Its a culmination of a habit repeated and perfected until it becomes a necessity. If you ask an addict what they need to stop the habit and provide it to them, they redirect the energy they used when pursuing drugs to whatever makes them happy and is productive. Recovering addicts are very hardworking.” Brian from JKUAT

Read more about Drug Addiction from… https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/teen-addiction/


Charles Bukeko (July 10, 1962 – July 18, 2020) was a Kenyan actor and comedian. He was known for portraying the titular character in the television series Papa Shirandula, which he also created and won the 2010 Kalasha Award for Best Actor in a TV Series. He also appeared in the 2012 film The Captain of Nakara. He succumbed on July 18th 2020 after a short illness.

There are so many questions
That we need answers to,
But now that you’re gone
There’s no way to ask you.

But there are still photos
To remember you by,
Each time we look at them,
We still want to cry .

They say grief is easier
to bear as time goes by,
But that doesn’t stop we
from wondering why?

Why my dear, sweet dad
Was taken so soon,
When he was our guiding star,
Our sun and my moon.

There are no answers
To a question like this,
So we’ll cherish your memory,
And mourn the years we’ll miss.

It’s never the right time
To say goodbye.
We will miss you, Dad,
And here is why.
You taught us so much:
To show no fear,
To always have fun,
And face the day with cheer.

You were always so able,
So fast and so strong.
In your little friends eyes
You could do no wrong.
You would always listen,
And you never pried.
You were the arms around me
When I cried.

♦️The Kenyan Poet

TWITTER: @The_KenyanPoet

PHONE: +254 769 673363


Do Campus Relationships last?

Few“, Thomas Nyanumba, JKUAT SOBEE Representative 2018/2019 (School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering)


Depends with how you handle the relationship. A lot of things keep people together. Do you people have common interests? Are you comfortable in his/her company? Do you see a future in him/her? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before proceeding with the relationship.” Ibrahim Boru, former JKUSA Chairperson (2018/2019)

Ibrahim is happily married to Happiness Simamoi. The two started dating while at campus

Ibrahim Boru with his newly wedded wife: Happiness Simamoi

Who is Ibrahim Boru?

I’m a leader.

I was born in the year 1992 in Dakabicha, Marsabit County. I’m the fifth born in a family of seven. I attended my primary school in Marsabit then proceeded to Siakago Boys High School, Embu County. I later joined The Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute to pursue a Diploma course in Environmental Management. I later enrolled in JKUAT, in the year 2015 to pursue a course in Environmental Science.

I hold several leadership positions while at JKUAT. I was the JKUSA’s Finance Secretary 2017/2018 and later the JKUSA Chairperson 2018/2019. I graduated during the University’s 33rd graduation, the year 2019.


I achieved a lot as a student leader. Some of the achievements are:

  • Renovation of Student Center
Ibrahim with the University top management inspecting renovation of Student Center
  • Salaries and allowances payments for Student Leaders done through the bank which promoted accountability and transparency.
  • Initiated street lighting program within the University premises.
  • Food and Accommodation for needy students.

How did you two meet?

We used to have some common units when we were in first year, at JKUAT. In one of the lessons I spotted Happy. She’s one lady you can’t fail to spot in a crowd because of her beauty. She was pursing a degree in Plant Ecology and Environmental Science. We were not close by then. When I was contesting to be a Finance Secretary (January 2017), I approached her seeking her assistance for my campaigns. Lucky enough she accepted.

Where was your first date

We went to KFC Kimathi Street towards the end of July 2017.

How did you people develop your relationship?

We were so close to each other. I found a friend in her. Whether I had a good or bad day, I used to talk about it with her. We used to go out sometimes to have a talk and have our own time. During such moments, we used to talk about anything under the sun. One way to make your relationship stronger is to just talk about random things. You’ll certainly learn and discover a lot from each other.

Your methods of communication back then?

Mostly phone calls and chats via Whatsapp.

What do you two have in common?

Our personality and the way we view life. We’re both calm and understanding.

Did you keep your relationship open?

Yeah. But only to our close friends. Four things you have to keep quiet about are;

  1. Your life plans
  2. Your Love Life
  3. Your income
  4. Your Family Issues

What did your friends think of your girlfriend?

I’ll say I have good friends with me. My friends were encouraging me to maintain the relationship. They were seeing a future in us.

How did you manage time for friends and your spouse?

We managed to create a shared circle of social connections. When you gather friends together, something magical happens. You and your spouse get to know the deeper layers of each other in the process, particularly if you have a shared past with some of these friends. Enjoying friends together will deepen and enrich your relationship.

What’s the most challenging time during your relationship?

When I was engaged in student leadership. It was so hard for me to balance time for Leadership, Academics and her. As a man you ought to give your lady the attention she needs.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I used to have a discussion group. It made me catch up with the academic work. I strived to attend all classes too after the campaign period to maximize on time saving. I would fix some thirty or so minutes to see her during the day and made a routine of visiting her every weekend.

What’s the best experience you had while dating her?

I got myself a true best friend to share everything with.

How did you know things were getting serious?

Having dated for a while, we had become fond of each other. I found it hard to let a single moment go without hearing from her. I found myself a cheerleader. She was always right there when I needed her.

How long was it before you two decided to get married?

Two years

“If you love her hold onto her provided she isn’t toxic.”

What’s the best piece of relationship advice you were given and by whom?

If you love her hold onto her provided she isn’t toxic by a friend called Steve.

Did you meet wet blankets?

Yeah. A lot of them. There’s this cliché mtaachana tu (To mean you’ll one day break up) that I was getting almost everyday.

How did you react to such views?

I’m one person who believes in myself and knows what’s best for me. The best I did was to ignore them. The moment you start paying attention to such people, you won’t have peace of mind.

What Song/Movie/Novel best describes your relationship status?

Paradise by Maher Zain

“I remember us praying at night
And just dreaming about this together
I’m so blessed to have you in my life
And now we can enjoy these blessings forever” Maher Zain in the song Paradise

How was your wedding?

We’d planned to have it on the 11th of April, 2020 at Marsabit. Unfortunately we had a pandemic to fight as a nation; Corona Virus, and a number of things had to stop. We were forced to change our plans. We settled on a new date, May 30 2020 and had to change the venue too. Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi was where we held it. Generally the wedding was cool despite the fact that we were restricted to a maximum of 15 people.

What’s the most special part or thing from your wedding?

The part where the Imam officiated the marriage during the Nikah. I felt so emotional.

Have you achieved goals as a couple?

Yeah. We run a number of business together

How do each of you get along with parents-in-law?

Alhamdhulilah our parents are very loving and supportive and that makes everything pancake smooth.

Who do you think couples (or people in relationships) should turn to if they have problems they can’t solve by themselves?

A friend you truly trust. But before you go to him/her, try to talk and advise each other before seeking third party opinion. Remember I said your love life shouldn’t be made public. Avoid telling people the weaknesses of your partner. In Borana we say “Olii obsanii, oll gorsanii, olii dosani.”

Who’s your favorite couples?

My brother and his wife

What line/proverb/song keeps you going?

Where’s there’s love there’s no darkness.

What’s your advise to people in relationships

I have a lot to talk. Be ready to face critics. Most people will talk about you and you should learn how to cope with it. Relationships need sacrifice and patience. You have to give your best to succeed. These small things and virtues matter a lot.

Feel free to reach to me via the following buttons. I’ll be ready to share with you on more about managing relationships.



“Campus relationships shouldn’t have entitlements.
The campus age is a period where youngsters are trying all sort of things before they really discover which they want. Actually I encourage this kind which I will term more of campus interactions than relationships because they help us prepare for the future relationships in the larger society as well as marriages. Some work to the end. But young people shouldn’t be limited to a single place, let’s try out different people to see whom we can best be compatible with.” Thomas Nyanumba

“In campus, the lady you want doesn’t want you, she eyes someone else who is also venturing somewhere. Save yourself the depression and love the one who loves you.” Collins Bigogo

“Don’t rush into relationships. Take your time to know the kind of person you want to date.” Judith Akinyi



An interview with Dennis Ndolo, The Speaker 4th JKUSA Parliament (2019/2020)

Dennis takes Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He is in his third year of study.

“According to me leaders are majorly made. You may be born with leadership capabilities but you require experience and learning in order to become a great leader. Leadership is a trait that is acquired and needs to be nurtured through experience or observation from other leaders, self development and also training can go a long way in helping to shape your leadership skills.
So one can be born a leader, but for you to become an effective leader who can be up to task whether in politics or research or any other field you indeed require some sophisticated skills which one definitely has to learn.
So leaders are made.”

So what are some of the most important values a leader should portray?

  1. Respect. That applies to respect for self and respect to the people you lead. That ensures you purpose to achieve high standards of dignity in the leadership position you hold.
  2. Integrity. An integral leader will always endeavor to fulfill his promises and endeavor to meet expectations of the people he leads. will also push the leader to set himself before others and always champion what benefits the majority opposed to self gains.
  3. Passion. Passionate leaders will always executive their duties wholeheartedly. Their joy is when they meet expectations of their people and they are ranked as successful. This always pushes them beyond their comfort zones.
  4. Wisdom. This is indeed one of the greatest traits. A leader is always bound to be faced by situations where they’ll find themselves between a rock and a hard place. And they need to make grave decisions which bare alot of consequences and repercussions. So they really require wisdom in order to decide what is best under the circumstances.
  5. Courage. Demonstrated by a leader standing up to defend what is best for his people and greater good for all. Being able to speak up and hold their ground when faced by adversities and acting boldly to defend equity and justice.
  6. Humility. It requires one to be humble, be aware and accept the limitations they have in executing their duties. It also ensures that leaders accept and consider diverse points of views even when they contradict his beliefs.

From this, what’s the core leadership skill

All. Every skill is required at different situations in the career or journey of a leader. And if they weren’t useful then they wouldn’t be skills necessary for a leader.

What makes leaders fail?

Not meeting the expectations of the people. Majorly by not fulfilling their promises.
Other leaders too forget the people that elected them into office and they seek to achieve their self interests and that makes them not address the issues that affect the large majority.
Others see their leadership position as a source of wealth Greed takes the better part of them, they then fail to carry out their day to day duties with integrity and they loose authenticity.
Leaders too tend to be proud. They loose the skill of humility and this makes them despise the electorate.
At times they also fail because of others. Being misadvised by the people around them. Actually this is one of the greatest reasons that makes leaders fail.

What’s the most difficult part of being a leader?

There are many difficult situations. The most difficult situation is coming up with a decision.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British statesman who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. He’s ranked among the best leaders ever lived.

In such a case, I’m sure disagreements are bound to occur. How should a good leader handle that?

The first thing is always agreeing to disagree. Respect each others opinion and call in sobriety. The breakthrough is however attained when the parties agree to reach a compromise. Otherwise it will forever be a back and forth situation and the effects will be retrogressive.

And how do you get others to accept your ideas?

You require some serious negotiation skills and a very high level convincing power. Also you can always have a counter offer to help woo the other party. At times where a unanimous decision can’t be reached and the majority have to carry the day, then you need to put your best foot forward and face head on. In such a situation there is no particular way to go about it since situation are never the same. And that calls for a highly tactical approach if you have to carry the day. Be ready to face critics though.

What’s the best way to deal with such critics?

Never play a victim of the situation face them head on. Appreciate the critics and never take it personally. Sometimes it’s always good to assume by not reacting to them but if you have to react don’t do it impulsively. The best thing is always turning the critics into opportunities.
And since situations vary, you need to take time before making a decision on how you’ll handle the critics.

Dennis with fellow JKUSA 2019/2020 Congress People

Which leadership positions have you hold so far

I started my leadership life when I was a very small kid. When we were playing kalongolongo (A game played by small kids that is in form of acting) I was always given the role of the father which basically signifies leadership.

In Sunday school and even in nursery most of the times I was selected to lead the activities we were partaking as kids.

In class 2 term 3 at Liani primary School, I was appointed the Class Prefect. Later in class 4 I was the Head of Environment in the school.

In class 5 I transferred to PCEA Imani school. In term 3 I was once again appointed a class prefect. In class 6 I was chosen to head the scouts in the school and also lead the junior upper classes ie class 4-6 in religious activities.

I then transfered to Utafiti D/B school in class 7. There I was again chosen to chair the Christian Union in term 3 a role I held till I completed my KCPE. In class 8 I was chosen as a class prefect and one month down the line I was appointed to be the head of class monitors in the school.

I went to Friend’s School Kamusinga. While there, I led different clubs and societies (Scouting, Debating club, Maths club, Geography club, Guidance and Counseling) at different capacities, I also led in the Christian Union under various ranks since form 2 upto form 4. At one point I won the much coveted Principal’s Award for being an outstanding student.

I joined JKUAT Main Campus and was elected a Class Representative, a position I hold till date. In 1.2 I was chosen as a delegate in my department to represent my department in the annual JKUSA Elections.

I was also serving as the Public Relations Officer in the Jomo Kenyatta University Class Representatives Association (JKUCA).

In 2.2 I contested for JKUSA speakership and I went unopposed. I served as the Speaker of the 4th JKUSA Parliament till March this year.

Dennis leading his team on Environment Conservation.

What motivates you to be a leader?

I have a passion for people. I see a great possibility in impacting change in the society, transforming ideas and negative perspectives people have had. I love and enjoy working with people basically socializing and I’m always willing to serve. I also desire to grow at a personal level, inspire those who look upto me and also grow other people. It all comes down to making the society a better place.

Do you have that person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

Yes. My maternal grandfather (may his soul rest in peace). As I was growing up I spent most of my childhood with him and he always challenged me to push beyond my limits. He also held various leadership positions and I always saw his willingness and dedication to serve. He was also a God-fearing man and he greatly helped shape my Christian values which when coengineered with leadership skills make an impeccable and spectacular leader full of integrity. Also those who believe in me and challenge me to become a better person have had a huge impact to me as a leader. I always endeavor to make them proud and become someone the society and those who’ll come long after I’m gone will desire to take after.

Who’s your favorite Leader ever lived?

Jesus Christ

You not going to escape this😂 Who do you look up to, or rather your role model?

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013) was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the country’s first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.

What do you do doing your free time

  • Playing FIFA
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Watching Movies and Series
  • Watching Political Documentaries.

Your parting short?

“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.” Collin Powell

“An outspoken gentleman.”

Find Dennis on;

Twitter: @Dennis_Ndolo1
Instagram: @Dennis_Ndolo
Facebook: Dennis Ndolo
LinkedIn: Dennis Ndolo
Email: muokidenisndolo@gmail.com
Mobile: +254 704 079417


The following content is based on true story. Word to word as narrated by a friend. We found it wise not to share his details for privacy concerns. It’s a touching story that will make people out there facing such problems not to give up. Be friends of HOPE.

Poetry. Poetry is me and I’m Poetry. Poems are my friends. They understand me. They make my days and keep me going. I didn’t start as a poet at first. I started as a song writer back in class five. Then later in highschool, I used to write love letters to my friends. At times I wrote love songs and poems too. This made me so famous and happy too. So you get why I say poems are my friends. Friends should make you happy. Avoid toxic friends at all cost.

Why Poetry?

The better part of my life has been a sad one. People say I’m different and I’ve been bullied for that. I’ve been labeled a girl often and this makes me feel bad. I didn’t have friends. My friend was a pen and pieces of paper. I’d complain at the injustices done to me not by mouth, but by writing. And before I realized, I became a poet. Should I say it’s a blessing in disguise?

“My friend was a pen and pieces of paper. I’d complain at the injustices done to me not by mouth, but by writing”

How do you develop your poems

Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell are examples of artists I really connect with. Their music and sad life has taught me poetry. I write poems whenever I feel sad. I also get inspired by pictures to write. Everytime I’m watching movies and series I always get something to jot down. By the way, need I tell you I have a pen one year old. I love it so much. At some instances memes and puns have inspired me to write. Sounds crazy but I mean it. I do post my poems on WhatsApp Status often and later write them in my diary.

How do you manage to fit writing poems in with other demands on your time?

Many wonder how I do manage it. I’ll echo Poetry is me and I’m Poetry, not bluffing though. Writing is part of me and I could do it at any moment. That’s how I’ve always got rid of all sad feelings and thoughts.

You’ve been insisting on this “sad” word. What makes you feel sad.

I’m bipolar, switching moods. This moment I’m extreme sad, the next I’m wearing an ear to ear smile. I’ve struggled all my life trying to fit into the ideals of a man to no avail. Many see me less a man because of this soft voice I have. They call it a lady’s. I’ve been nicknamed Chali Dem. People say I act as one. I’ve been called gay a million times, yet I’m not. Painful. Back in highschool, some of my dorm mates were planning to assault me. They felt like making a move on me would be easy since I’m this kind person who is soft. At some point I was tired with this life and thought like taking my life.

“They felt like making a move on me would be easy since I’m this kind person who is soft.”

It’s been so hard you. I guess you got yourself a good counselor

Did you say counseling? Me? No. I don’t love being counseled. Counseling drives me insane. I’ve been to a number of counselors and none seems to understand me. They all make conclusions that I’m a weird person. Some even advised me to visit a psychiatrist. I trust God is my counselor. I believe in God the Father by the way.

What do you do during your free time

Of course writing poems. When I feel like it’s enough with poems, I act. I Love acting. Damn! Actually in my imagination I’m the best actor. Back in primary school I was participating in drama competitions and got myself many certificates. I’m a good stage performer. I’ll talk to myself wherever I go. A couple of times I laugh on my own because I find myself funny. I’m an introvert though.

Are you in a relationship?

Yeah. I’m in a serious relationship. I used to be lonely until I met my girlfriend early this year. In their song with Ali Kiba, Sauti Sol says: We all need Love. We all need affection.

“We all need Love, we all need affection” Sauti Sol

Golden-Heart Girlfriend

I believe so much in love. It’s through love that made me accept who I am. Love is good. It’s the thing that made me feel like I’m human. I once had trust issues. Thanks to my girlfriend who’s heaven sent.

My girlfriend means everything to me. God is the most important though. I was thinking of committing suicide early this year. I had none to talk to. Loneliness is underrated friends. People seemed not to understand me. It was me against the world. Who’ll win in such a fight? Then she came to my life, and gave me a listening ear. She’s my best friend and I love her so much.

“My girlfriend means everything to me. God is the most important though.”

It’s been nice sharing with you. What would you advise people out there?

Don’t mistake friendship for relationship, you may lose all. Be yourself. Thank You


H.E Uhuru Kenyatta

If you Missed here’s the Summary of the 8th Presidential Address over Covid Pandemic
Uhuru opens the country for travel
👉🏾 Night curfew between 9PM and 4AM extended for 30 days
👉🏾Free Movement across the country from tomorrow 4AM
👉🏾 Churches to open but service limited to maximum of 100 people and not exceed 1 hour
👉🏾 Churches must adhere to Covid prevention measures
👉🏾 Children under 13 and adults over 58 years prohibited from attending church.
👉🏾 People with underlying health conditions prohibited from attending church
👉🏾 Ministry of education to issue guidelines on opening schools.
👉🏾 Weddings, Funerals regulations remain in place for 30 days.
👉🏾 Bars to remain shut. Eateries to offer take away only.
👉🏾 International flights to start in August.


The KUSO Badge

What is KUSO?

Kenya Universities Students Organisation (KUSO) is a body that offers leadership skills and opportunities to Campus, Colleges and Polytechnics students in the country.

KUSO for Comrades

The main achievements of KUSO include;

i. Addressing suspension and expulsion cases in universities.

ii. Pushing for disbursement of HELB loans to students in the event of a delay, and

iii. Addressing social ills and governance issues that in one way or the other, affects students.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts but one’s life influencing another.” John Maxwell

No Clear Funding

The major problem KUSO faces is insufficient funds. The Association complains it has no clear funding source for it’s activities and consistent motivation to office bearers.


Hon. Agnes Kagure

Business woman Hon. Agnes Kagure is the current KUSO Patron. She has been in office since July 2018. She was elected during a meeting of the association attended by Nairobi Governor Hon. Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko.


The KUSO Elections will be held on Thursday, July 9 2020.

This year, for the first time, the elections will be done online. In the recent years, KUSO Elections were done by secret ballot and only delegates from every University/College/Polytechnic were allowed to vote.

However, this year, anyone registered in University/College/Polytechnic is allowed to vote.

Will this be the new norm? Time will tell

Everyone is encouraged to vote. We have to get the right people to lead us.


You can get to the KUSO Electoral Committee via:

Email: ieckuso2020@gmail.com

Telephone: +254 715 195725 / +254 728 640842

Or subscribe to their Telegram Channel via the link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEzllPi2verebY9itA

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